Is a portal that connects the businesses of the sustainable economy to a national and international level, and transfers useful information to citizens to be able to live in a more responsible society.

Is a tool for disseminating good practices and initiatives from communities, institutions, the business community and citizens.
Is a market place in which relationships between supply and demand are established.

Is an online networking platform in which international actors in the field of Innovation / Ecology and Sustainability are grouped and informs us regarding emerging markets and scheduled events, in order to generate synergies on a National and International scale.


Make known, accompany and encourage collective and private initiatives that promote the ecological transition and innovation.

Many referenced topics and sectors of activity such as: renewable energies, waste treatment, sustainable agriculture, recycling, mobility, optimization of resources, digitization at the service of the circular economy … are part of this platform.

Facilitate relationships both locally and internationally: Starting with the actors in a geographical area (autonomous community) to jointly manage resources and generate a sustainable economy for the area and expanding contacts at an European level.

Generate business opportunities internationally.

Communicate and make known in the communication section the news and good practices in the different countries.

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